Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Launching Huevos Rancheros

Since 2004 I've operated a blog called Grits for Breakfast that focuses on Texas' criminal justice system. That blog covers a relatively narrow topic compared to my real range of interests, so Huevos Rancheros was created to provide an outlet for perhaps less frequent but more diverse writing than what readers expect on Grits.

Huevos Rancheros continues with the breakfast-themed name, but with a broader focus. I'm not sure what will go on here - upcoming vacation photos from Mexico, perhaps, or thoughts on movies, plays, books, etc. - who knows? Most of the political stuff will still wind up on Grits, I imagine, and I feel under no obligation to update this site nearly so frequently. I'm creating this just for grins, because some days the things I want to write don't fit into any of the narrow categories in which the world seems to request my input.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back again sometime.

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