Friday, November 10, 2006

UT's botched scheduling may cost Longhorns national title shot

I've watched all the top college football teams except Michigan play at least once, and I'm convinced the Texas Longhorns probably have the best one loss team in college football. Quarterback Colt McCoy is loads better than he was in Texas' loss to Ohio State, and a rematch of that game with a more veteran QB would make for a great storyline. I think Texas would win.

But as this writer points out, Louisville's loss probably won't be enough to get Texas into the national championship game because Florda ranks slightly higher than us in the BCS computer polls.

Who is responsible? I think it's whoever at the UT Athletic Department decided to schedule the University of North Texas and Sam Houston State to play one of America's hottest football properties this year.

There's a lot of football left to be played, and Florida (or UT, for that matter) may not win out. But Texas is already stuck with teams like Baylor and Rice weighing down the annual strength-of-schedule meter. Why do the Longhorns schedule Division II patsies in football that harm the team in the computer rankings?

Texas does the same thing in baseball and basketball, too, but it doesn't matter because at the end of the year a tournament decides everything. In football, style points count, as does every week's opponent.

In that light, scheduling two Division II schools in a year when Texas has a real chance to repeat for a national title was a disservice to the players and team who worked so hard to earn it.


bb99jb said...

I can't speak to the dynamic involved with scheduling North Texas, but the Sam Houston State date was scheduled as a no game date by NCAA. UT wanted the revenue from playing on that date and SHS was about the only team available.

David said...

The gap between Florida and Texas is now down to .002 points. I bet they are regretting having West Carolina on their schedule this weekend. There's still a lot of shake-out to happen, so ask this question again on December 3rd.

bb99jb said...

Unfortunately, this all became irrelevant Saturday night..

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Yes, it certainly did, didn't it! Ouch. Well, lose your star quarterback on the first series on the road and that's what happens.