Friday, December 29, 2006

Featherlite drainage pipe break update: Sewage now bubbling up into shower

I suppose can't 100% for sure say it's because of the freshly busted drainage pipe from the Featherlite tract, but a moment ago the bathroom sink in my office began bubbling up with foul water and inexplicably burbling noisily, then spewing small amounts of brown water with little chunks up into the sink basin.

I don't really understand how all the drainage and sewer pipes are hooked up in this neighborhood, and I suppose it could be my own home's plumbing acting up, but it seems like some coincidence that this would start up now, just after a major drainage pipe was broken 30 feet from my house.

Oh, BTW, I got a photo of the flooded area at the end of 14th street. By the time I got batteries for the camera, the water had receded quite a bit, seeping into the ground at the end of 14th street. But you can still tell this is creating a big problem for my neighbors.

Literally I must end this post because sewage is backing up into the shower and Kathy needs me to help deal with it. Meanwhile the water's burbling noisily in my bathroom sink off my office even as I write these lines - I'm afraid to look in there yet to see what needs cleaning up.

Personally, I don't believe this is a coincidence. Here's a picture of the end of 14th street. It was much worse earlier today; this was taken after quite a bit of the water had already receded:

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Paul said...

My house is at the end of 13th, right next to the field. There is a drainage through my back yard which often floods in heavy rains. But last Saturday, for the first time since I've owned that place (3 years,) my sewer backed up and filled the lower part of my house with 6-8 inches of wastewater. Major nightmare. I'm wondering if it has to do with the broken drain pipe, if not the construction in general. So far the city is claiming it's not their responsibity because it's a "storm event" - in spite of the fact that the storm and sewer drains are supposed to be separate. With all the ice I haven't even been able to get an insurance adjustor out. I sure hope they cover it and take on any legal action necessary. I would be interested to hear from any other neighbors with similar problems.