Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If I'd kicked Muhammed Ali's ass I'd brag about it, too!

Meet Alberto "Tex" Henderson, who broke Muhammed Ali's jaw in the second round in 1972 in a San Antonio exhibition match while the champ was banned from boxing.
He said the referee counted to 16 - one to eight, and then went back and started from one.

"I said, 'Get your (rear end) up, boy. You ain't hurt,' " Henderson said he told Ali.


Jorge said...

So would I!
Great post.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

The name of this fellow is Elmo "Bolo" Henderson, originally from Fort Worth, Texas. He was the inventor of the "Bolo" punch that Ali later made famous. Elmo keeps the news articles and pictures as proof that he knocked out Muhammed Ali. He was also George Foreman's trainer in the "Triller in Manila"

Crawford's Take said...

My Take on this: