Thursday, May 03, 2012

Backyard Naturalist Report (for a 5-Year Old)

The missus is taking the granddaughter to school today and the young'un asked for an update on the flora and fauna watched most closely by the child in our seemingly ever-interesting (when you're 5) backyard.

First, and most importantly, I can report that there are no fewer than nine spiders - big and small but all the same species - who have created huge webs across 2/3 of the pond:

I was also instructed to check on the plant hanging from her treehouse and am pleased to report that it's covered in bright purple flowers:

Finally, the squash plant she planted in a cup in her pre-K class, which was replanted into a pot on our deck, is now about eight feet long, has grown off a metal table that it will soon completely consume, and this morning sported two, bright orange five-pointed flowers, with two more about to open. Here's an example:

That concludes your Backyard Naturalist Report for May 3.

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Ronda said...

Beautiful, it reminds me of the time my mother would take us out into the yard, especially after the rain, and there whould be earthworms, snails and frogs. And she would pick them up, just to show that there is nothing to be afraid of. The only thing I'm still afraid of is spiders. LOL Thanks for the post.