Friday, June 15, 2007

The Missus and Willie and Me

There are two themes common to most all of the homemade CDs Kathy creates downloading music off of I-tunes. One is that almost all of them start with a song from Willie Nelson. (The one I'm listening to on the computer right now begins with "Shotgun Willie.") The other, perhaps more troubling commonality is they all contain songs about women leaving, cheating on or killing their husbands or boyfriends.

I'm not too concerned. In my house we tend to listen to both kinds of music: Country AND Western. So admittedly these are common themes.

However, they ARE the common themes. Hmmmmm. More on this as it develops.


Jorge said...

Take care.

LEWagner said...

I just ran across this blog. Congratulations! This is great stuff!
I'm a country-UPPER-MID-western Deutch dairy farmer born and raised north of Duluth, Minnesota. I hard-scrabble-farmed for many years up there, then went broke and moved to the Lao P.D.R., where I'm teaching English, and raising a couple of goats as a sideline. (There's no money in goats here, either, but as a Northern Minnesotan of German extraction, I NEED to have something to aggravate me, so I raise goats now.)
I've never been to Austin, but spent a good year of my life during the 1970's at Air Force bases in San Antonio and San Angelo.
Texas c/w music is great. I've been listening to the 2-step and shuffle and shit-kicking and conjunto and Bob Wills and Willie Nelson and Flaco Jimenez and ZZ Top stuff. I've been piping it in here from, and recording it on cassette, because I'm kind of low-tech.
I ran into a DVD of Willie Nelson's 70'th birthday concert a couple of months ago, and I've played through it at least 4-5 times, a couple of times with a small audience of people who couldn't understand a word of it, except through my translation. Willie and ZZ Top doing "She don't love me, she loves my automobile" translates easily into Lao, and it gets a laugh.
I really got a kick out of reading your writing -- I can just hear the Texas in it. I remember Texas from the '70's as a humorous, fun place to be. (Minnesota was that way in the '70's, too.)
I'll be back.

Amy said...

Perhaps it's also troubling that you were blogging to the lyrics "Shotgun Willie sits around in his underwear/Bitin' on a bullet and pullin' out all of his hair"?

I love Willie and among other things, I think that song is a great paean to writer's block.