Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Way He Ballz

You honestly can't make this stuff up: Via Pink Dome, meet Texas new Assistant Parliamentarian, Ron Wilson. He's the speaker sitting behind the desk at the beginning of the video.

Meanwhile, Pink Dome has its own legislative best/worst contest going, and since for some reason I couldn't leave this comment on the site, I'll include my suggestions here:

BDM - Royce West, no doubt, followed by the Lite Guv
BDF- Slim pickin's, but Hernandez or Van de Putte
WDM- Tie btwn Dunnam and Haggerty
WDF- Mowery, by a country mile
CIA- I love Jessica Farrar, but yes, it's her scarves
WH- Dan Patrick, with honorable mentions to Dunnam and Haggerty
LILF/F- With respect to Lois Kolkhorst, who is one of my faves, this must go to the angelic Veronica Gonzales
LILF/M- No opinion, except to say that whoever nominated Steve Ogden is one sick f%#k