Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weather gloating

We picked the right time of year  to get out of Austin. When Kathy and I arrived in London this morning it was 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and it probably never got over 72 all day. This evening when I got online, I noticed yesterday's high in Austin was a whopping 104 degrees. Though it rained in London today, I was so thrilled at the 50 degree drop in temperature I could care less. In Germany, where we're going next to visit one of Kathy's close friends, we  were told to bring sweaters and other warm clothes.

London is an amazing city. Like New York, Paris, or Istanbul, there's more to see and do here than you can reasonably attempt in just a few days. When we got here today I took a nap for a couple of hours to combat the jet lag, then we spent the afternoon visiting the city's oldest functioning church, St. Bartholomew's, the Museum of London (focusing on the history of the city), and then stopped off at St. Paul's Cathedral, where we were treated to an organ-accompanied choir. We had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant that far outclassed the Middle Eastern food we can get in Austin, sad to say, which of course is one of the reasons you come to a cosmopolitan city like London. Tomorrow we should both be over our jet lag and able to get a full day of touring in.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Easy peach cobbler recipe

We've been eating lots of peach cobbler lately with fresh peaches from the tree in our front yard. After experimenting with several, here's the recipe I like best both for the final product and ease of preparation. In addition commenters over at Grits gave me lots more ideas of things to do with peaches.