Saturday, July 08, 2006

Podcasting the future of web content: Amazon Fishbowl

Bill Mahers' Amazon Fishbowl is perhaps the most impressive podcast delivery vehicle I've seen yet. Check out the episodes going back to the pilot in May. Writing on a blog is so passe', I know - this is definitely the future of the web. Low-cost to produce, simple to download, and a screen shot small enough to fit on the larger hand-held video phones, I-pods, etc. Television, if I had to bet, will ultimately fuse with this model to deliver its content online in a similar fashion, not displacing broadcast productions but diversifying and adding value to them.

The blending of the show with Amazon's business model is especially brilliant - one segment, for obvious reasons, promotes books, another features a musical artist, and they've partnered with a major vendor, UPS, for a segment where stars go to fans homes to personally deliver the new album they've ordered. Very slick, an impressive, well-thought out execution of a pretty visionary idea.

As Maher frequently says to his guests, television is SO Twentieth Century.

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