Friday, September 01, 2006

Who gives a fuck about saving the world?

Montepio, Mexico
Who gives a fuck about saving the world?
The world doesn't give a fuck about us.
The world isn't here for us, it's just here.
That's how we should be, too.

There is beauty in the world, but it's not for us.
It's there for beauty's sake alone.
Enjoy it if you want to, or ignore it, it doesn't matter.
Beauty exists but it doesn't care what we think about it.

There is goodness in the world, and evil, too,
But only if you think too hard,
Only if you think too much about yourself.
Think less, just be, and evil threatens no more than the setting sun, while goodness becomes a shooting star, at most of fleeting interst.

God exists and is there for us
In the pulse of the ocean tide, in music's rhythm, in your heartbeat and your breath.
God exists if you ignore good and evil, ignore distractions like beauty and ugliness, pleasure and pain.
God exists for those who love life and death equally, for whom winter and spring are valued in equal measure.

God exists, and once you know that, who gives a fuck about saving the world?

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