Monday, December 19, 2011

Callipygian: A lonely but useful word

Photo via Robert L. Peters
How many words can you think of that have no synonyms, where there is literally no other, single word to describe a concept? I learned a new one this morning: "Callipygian," which means "having well-shaped buttocks," according to The Thesaurus entry on the word, by contrast, yields no results. A related form of the word, as evidenced in the accompanying photo, is "callipygous."

There are perhaps slang synonyms - "bootylicious," comes to mind - though a web search came up with surprisingly few others. But "callipygian," with its etymological referent to Aphrodite, lacks the same misogynist air while capturing the same concept.

Excellent word.


Unknown said...

This post made me smile. It is indeed a lonely word. But I prefer to look at things positively so I'll settle with unique, despite it being cliche and all.

Kari (Havoth) said...

I just LOVE new words and cool suggestions on the use of them...Thanks!