Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Facing middle age, or, procrastination on a rainy December day

On a rainy December day I enjoyed thinking back to our trip to Galveston this summer.

Not to mention our trip right after session to Mexico City:

 Not so nice here at the moment. We need the rain, but the gray weather's a bummer.


Unknown said...

It's beautiful out there and I can't imagine it in gloomy weather. I wish I could go somewhere like Galveston too. But the holidays are over so it kinda sucks.

ali said...

I was concerned to hear about the incident with the police and them causing her distress. Shame it happens in America.

somewhere in Asia

Johnson County Sucks said...

I beg you to spotlight the corruption that exists in Johnson County,TX. I have personally seen their legal system throw away 1,000's of lives without a care by its judges or super corrupt DA, Dale Hanna. Peter Gorman from the Fort Worth Weekly published an article a few yrs ago called "Come on Vacation Leave on Probation: Corruption in Johnson County Texas" There are more adults and adolescents on probation per capita than any other county in the US with a minimum population of 100,000. Grits for Breakfast is a great blogspot and I actually posted the last comment on there regarding the article about the jail contract being dumped in Johnson County.

Kari (Havoth) said...

I'd save the URL that points to this pic of you and Ty together for your next babysitting while White encounter...